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Cotton fabric is a natural fiber grown from the cotton plant and its main component is cellulose. There is also a small amount of waxy substance. Its honeycomb structure gives it excellent moisture absorption and breathability, and it's soft and comfortable in contact with the human bran, while it's also naturally wrinkle-resistant so it doesn't require extensive ironing. Making it a good choice for clothes that need to keep the skin dry.


Linen is a natural and environmentally friendly material. It has the characteristics of air permeability and heat dissipation, tough texture, durability and reliability, and it is enough for you to enjoy a comfortable experience . It is not just a material, but also a way of life. Choosing Linen is not only because of its product characteristics, but also to feel the quality of life brought by flax.


High-quality polyester fiber fabric, which belongs to a kind of synthetic fiber clothing fabric, but it has excellent wrinkle resistance and stability, is not easy to deform and has good elasticity, strong and crisp, no need to iron after washing, softer than nylon, anti-corrosion Ultraviolet rays can be seen everywhere in our daily clothing, suitable for making summer clothing and underwear.


Viscose fiber is one of the ancient fiber varieties. It has the essence of cotton and the quality of silk. It is an authentic ecological fiber, which is derived from nature and is superior to nature. It has good hygroscopicity and air permeability, good wearing feeling, smooth and soft fabric, silky feel, not easy to generate static electricity, smooth hand feeling, excellent dyeability and not easy to fade.


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